Meet the Team


Lynn Cutaio

Lynn Cutaio is a Pensacola, Florida native.

A single mother of 3, she's been a licensed nail technician for 27 years, and a full specialist for 10 years.

Lynn has been an instructor at a local nail and facial school teaching both classes for 10 years, but has found that skin care (especially lash extensions,) is her passion. She enjoys teaching, being able to pass on her knowledge to others, watching others succeed in the field and knowing she played a part in that.


NATasha Patti

Meet Natasha, Pensacola native and lash lover! She’s been a licensed esthetician for close to 10 years but focusing solely on lashes for the last 2. She’s successfully created a full time income with lashes alone and is excited to share with you everything she has learned along the way.